" 8.8 million working days were lost in 2016/17 through work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).
On average, each person suffering from an MSD took 16 days off work. "
- Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics -

Functional Physiotherapy Worskhops for Businesses

My physiotherapy workshops are tailor-made to my clients' needs and are very functional. They are designed to save time, money and deliver results. Simply because prevention IS better than cure.

Prevention is achieved by using two main sciences: biomechanics and ergonomics.

Biomechanics relates to the effect of gravity on the human body and how strain can be generated by incorrect posture and movement, and lead to repetitive strain injuries (RSI). I provide tailored practical training in posture and movement to prevent RSI.

Ergonomics relates to the correct design of furniture to help support optimal biomechanics. I provide practical training on how to use ergonomic tools to assist in optimally maintaining correct posture. I also advise on the best ergonomic tools to get based on the tasks performed.

Significant Results, Statistically Measurable

I can help you achieve a statistically measurable reduction in sickness levels.

The following graphs show dramatic improvements as a direct result of one of my back injury prevention programmes.

Back Classes Programme Delivered to MPS Mounted Branch CO11 Units

Significant drop in sickness levels:

chart showing significant drop in sickness levels after back classes

Significant increase in productivity levels:

[ ] man-days recovered following programme

chart showing significant increase in productivity after back classes

High success rate in all units following back classes delivery:

chart showing significant health improvement after back classes

* Independent statistics provided by MPS Occupational Health

Companies Who Have Used My Services

metropolitan police
  • ✔ Dog handlers
  • ✔ DPG (Diplomatic Protection Group, firearm officers)
  • ✔ Fingerprint Reading Bureau
  • ✔ Forensic Pathologists
  • ✔ Men and Women Health Days
  • ✔ Mounted Branch
  • ✔ Office workers
  • ✔ Officer Safety Training Instructors
    (sports biomechanics applied to combat techniques)

Tailored posture training, ergonomics and prevention exercises

imber court

✔ Office workers

Posture training, ergonomic advice and prevention exercises

cyan group

✔ Office workers

Posture training, ergonomic advice and prevention exercises

Examples of Lectures and Seminars

Back Injury Prevention - The Women's Institute

Science and Technology Applied to the Human Body - The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Summary of My Services

What Results Can You Expect?

Book your free consultation to discuss your requirements and see how you too can experience the benefits of corrective biomechanics and ergonomics in the workplace.

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This is very different from manual handling techniques. It makes more sense.

Back training class feedback form

I attended a one-hour seminar on posture yesterday at Jubilee House.

The seminar was delivered by Mr Izzel Barbosa (Physiotherapist) and was excellent.

Mr Barbosa showed us how to take care of our backs in the workplace and combined his talk with exercises, demonstrations and simple practical advice.

He left us, the participants, empowered to take action now that will make a real difference in the way that we take care of ourselves in the workplace.

I have 11 members of staff in the Customer Service Team at Jubilee House who would greatly benefit from such a session if another one were to become available and I would encourage you to consider rolling this workshop out across the MPS for the benefit of all our staff.

Mr Paul E

Thank you so much for organising this today. It was really excellent - well delivered, informative and very relevant.

Please also pass my thanks on to the Physio (Izzel Barbosa) as his session was so good. I have been enthusing about this to everyone else here at Gilmour and encouraging them to attend.

Mr Alan M

I attended the back and knee preventative session that you delivered on Thursday 13/12/12 at ESB.

The course was very informative and excelled my expectations, I am already conscious of posture, stance etc.

Thank you for spending time at the end of the session answering my questions and I promise I will try and befriend Gravity and Immobility!

Ms Mala R

Thanks again for supporting another of our events. The feedback has been fantastic with all the chaps here raving about the day.

I have received some great emails and telephone calls, including one from our Commander!

Ms Sharon S

Thanks for the lecture last Tuesday. Again, it has been very well received, and felt to be very beneficial.

Can I confirm you are okay for Tuesday 14th at the same time.

Mr Stephen W

Thanks for delivering the back class a couple of weeks ago. It went down really well.

On the day we discussed some ideas that you had about delivering some other sessions to our people on ways to prevent injuries.

Can you remind me what you said and how you would be able to deliver them? I am really interested and would consider speaking to Mr B about securing your assistance.

Mr Daniel P

I have learnt how much I have abused my body in the last 20 years as a mounted officer.

Feedback form

I have learnt the correct method of obtaining the neutral position and importance of posture at all times.

Feedback form

I have realised that I have been causing most of if not all of my neck and shoulder pain by sitting incorrectly.

Feedback form

I have learnt the importance of good posture in preventing injuries.

Feedback form

The training was first class and very practical.

Feedback form

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