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Most Frequently Asked Questions About The 3DS Posture Pillow

  1. Why should I avoid sleeping on my front?
  2. Sleeping on your front is to be avoided because it is impossible to maintain your neck and shoulders in the correct neutral position. This is because when sleeping on your front, you have to turn your head to one side to breathe (see our page on Sleeping Positions for more information). People who sleep on their front always consult physiotherapists, ostheopaths and chiropractors for various neck, shoulders and middle back problems.

  3. I sleep on my front. Can I use the 3DS Posture Pillow?
  4. Sleeping on your front is not recommended because it is impossible to maintain the correct alignment of your neck and breathe at the same time. The 3DS Posture Pillow does not cater for sleeping on your front. Instead, I recommend you initially sleep on your side, on either side section of the 3DS Posture Pillow, as it is less of a shock for you than sleeping on your back and you will greatly reduce the strain on your neck, shoulders and middle back.

  5. How do I move my head on the 3DS Posture Pillow?
  6. Moving on the 3DS Posture Pillow is very easy. Your hips pivot on the spot as they normally do when moving in bed and your head simply moves from one section to the other. It is very intuitive. Check our page on How to Use The 3DS Posture Pillow for more information.

  7. How do I know if the 3DS Posture Pillow is for me?
  8. If you want to wake up in the morning feeling that your neck and shoulders are relaxed, lengthened and realigned, if you want to wake up without aches and stiffness or numbness and pins and needles in your arms, then the 3DS Posture Pillow is for you.

  9. How do I stay in the correct positions on the 3DS Posture Pillow while unconscious and asleep?
  10. The 3DS Posture Pillow will assist you in maintaining the correct positions because of its very unique shape that restricts your ability to get into straining positions (chek our section on How to Sleep Better - The Good Way). You will subconsciously adjust your body on it while sleeping to achieve the most comfortable position.

  11. How does my neck get supported on the 3DS Posture Pillow?
  12. The 3DS Posture Pillow primarily controls the position of your head in relation to your spine and shoulders. This is achieved by the deeper layers of firmer foam that prevent the head from sinking in too deep and also by the specific height of each section of the pillow.

    The neck is supported by the superficial layers of memory foam that give under the weight of the head (heavier) and mould around the neck (lighter). This allows the pillow to mould itself to the unique shape of your head and neck, and give you a personalised and optimal support.

  13. What is the difference between the 3DS Posture Pillow and other pillows on the market?
  14. Most other pillows on the market offer one standard height for all the sleeping positions, even though each sleeping position has unique height requirements. The 3DS Posture Pillow has a lower middle section for sleeping on your back and two higher side sections for sleeping on your side, so your head is always at the right height during the night.

    Most other pillows on the market have a ridge designed to support the neck that often ends up adding more pressure instead. The surface of the 3DS Posture Pillow is flat and your neck is supported by the memory foam that moulds around it, offering a tailored and subtle support.

  15. I have a hunched back. Can I use the 3DS Posture Pillow?
  16. Yes, although sleeping on your back might be uncomfortable at first. I would recommend you practise lying on a carpeted floor or a firm mat with your head resting on a 2 inch book (covered with a towel) and with your knees bent (feet on the floor) for 5 minutes once a day to slowly stretch your spine into a straighter 'S' shape.

    In the meantime, you can sleep on your side using the side sections until you gain flexiblity to sleep comfortably on your back. Few sessions with me could assist you in speeding up this process. Contact me if you have any queries, require medical advice or need treatments.

  17. What mattresses are the best to use in conjunction with the 3DS Posture Pillow?
  18. I would recommend memory foam mattresses that are made of a blend of memory foam (3 to 4 inches) superficially and firmer foam at the bottom. The other alternative is a firmer mattress with a memory foam topper on it. Memory foam always works better when supported by firmer foam. These two options mirror the foam blend of the 3DS posture pillow for optimal balance between support and comfort.

  19. I am interested in the 3DS Posture Pillow. Can I try it before I buy it?

Yes, you can try the 3DS Posture Pillow for free at my physio practice in West Molesey. Please contact me to make arrangements.

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