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I have been under the wing of OH for many months with a serious back complaint and was referred to Izzel. He undertook the task of a conservative approach to managing my complaint in an attempt to keep me away from the surgeons knife. At the beginning of this year I was ready to go down the route of a three tier spinal fusion, believing that this was the only option available to me. Thankfully I met Izzel.

With his expertise, guidance and encouragement I have gone from being barely able to walk to now being back to full duties. I train in the gym daily and have lost four stone in weight. I have only been able to do this with his backing and support. Through many hard months he has worked tirelessly and has always been available when I have called.

Mr Paul B

Thanks so much Izzel. My knee has felt hugely better this evening -climbed up the stairs with ease- I cannot believe the change! Many thanks.

Ms Jan H

I write to bring to your attention the excellent work being carried out by the resident Physiotherapist at Imber Court, Mr Izzel Barbosa.

In 1999 I was referred by my GP to Mr Barbosa for treatment on both knees, which were causing me considerable pain and discomfort. Extensive treatment for the best part of that year greatly reduced pain and allowed me to re-commence in improving my standard of fitness. I would often attend appointments in late afternoon and the welcome and dedication shown by Izzel never ceased to amaze me. The lateness of the hour never bothered him irrespective of the duration of the treatment.

In the early part of last year Izzel was instrumental in my re-attendance at my local GP's practice. This resulted in me being quickly diagnosed with a serious disease, which required urgent surgery and a long period of recuperation. I am now well on the road to recovery and convinced that had Izzel not strongly recommended a visit to my GP, the consequences could have been fatal.

Having spoken to colleagues who have been treated by Izzel in the past, they have expressed the same sentiment with regard to his manner and professionalism. An excellent Physiotherapist; one the MPS can be proud of.

Mr Bernard G

I have been an AFO for over 12 years at CO19, and have 22 years service and am probably guilty as most in failing to recognise the contribution made by our support services within the MPS HR. I would just like to bring to your attention the quality of service I have received from Izzel Barbosa. I initially contacted Ms G in April 2010 for some assistance following an injury to my lower back in September 2009. I was recovering from surgery and my specialist had recommended physiotherapy to increase my chances of a full recovery. I had suffered neurological damage and had lost some function in my right foot and the leg.

At this stage of my injury I was unable to raise my heel from the ground. The specialist had left me uncertain as to how my recovery would progress and if so to what extent. I was referred to Izzel who immediately impressed me with his medical knowledge around this type of injury. He made it clear to me that the recovery would be a slow process. He highlighted that this type of nerve injury could be cured by a balance of stimulation and rest. He assured me that if I did the right things there was a good chance the damage could be repaired and the nerves would regenerate. His initial treatments were biased towards stimulating the area with acupuncture and massage which proved very effective in releasing tension in the calf and foot. The acupuncture seemed to get electrical impulses moving into the dead parts of my foot and this meant more and more mobility.

Throughout the course of treatments Izzel continually monitored my recovery until he believed I was ready to move onto the next phase. As well as giving me the treatments Izzel constently reminded me that I would have to be patient. After about 18 months he had helped me gain sufficient gains in strength and sensation so that I could move onto a more physical programme of rehabilitation. In October 2011 Izzel referred me to Ms H to progress the rehabilitation with the aim of getting me back to running. His patience and level of care were second to none. I know that I have been very privileged to receive this level of care from him and HR. His regular appointments kept me focused throughout a long period of rehabilitation.

Whilst seeing Ms H, Izzel continued to monitor my progress and provided me with massage and acupuncture to release tension into the muscles which were finally being used after being dormant for 2 years or so. My aim was to return to full fitness and get back to Specialist Firearms Operations. After 2 ½ years I have now achieved level 9.4 on the bleep test and have regained my status as AFO. Thanks to Izzel's care and quality of service I have achieved my goal. I wish to recommend him for a formal commendation for his services.

Mr J S

Izzel Barbosa is a first class Physiotherapist, who on this occasion has provided very effective physiotherapy treatment over an extended period of time. Izzel's advice of being patient and that recovery would be slow, yet progressive, seems to have been correct, which is evidence of his knowledge and ability as a very gifted Physiotherapist. In addition his treatment options of acupuncture worked to a very good and beneficial effect.

The result of Izzel's long term treatment plan and ongoing monitoring has helped Mr S to return to full duties. Izzel is extremely knowledgeable in the field of physiotherapy, and coupled with his personable character he is able to apply his skills whilst creating a working yet informal relationship with his clients. This award is very well deserved.

Commendation award

May I take this opportunity to write and thank you for all your help and advice over the past year of treatment. Your 'pearls of wisdom' about good practice and biomechanic preventive measures have been truly invaluable. The back problem I was having after my road traffic accident has subsided a lot and the advice you have given, as well as the treatment, has lead to my recovery thus far.

As a tall person I had never been given such useful hints on avoidance techniques. Your way of examining the whole person and looking at the lifestyle we lead allowed you to give separate ideas to each of us.

I know of two other Officers at my station who have spoken very highly of you. They also said that you have given them the boost they need to look at their way of behaving in order to prevent further injuries.

As you know I recently injured my elbow - while arresting a violent prisoner. Once more you came to my rescue and not only treated the injury, but also helped me to have the confidence to realise that although I had injured my elbow, I could still use the rowing machine and do other activities to keep up my cardiovascular fitness. Once again, thanks for all your help.

Mr Roger G

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and in particular express my thanks and gratitude to Dr R and Izzel Barbosa for their support and help over the past few years. As records will show, I have suffered a back injury for some time. I was again injured at work in January 1999 and was off sick for almost a year. I first attended the Physiotherapy department at Imber Court in March that year where I met Izzel Barbosa and began my treatment.

Throughout this period I had many such treatments and saw Dr R on a number of occasions. Each time I was given support, help and advice. I began glucosamine and other supplements, which I take to this day and was given general advice on orthopaedics by Dr R.

Izzel Barbosa continued to work on me and committed himself to my return to health. Unfortunately, I had a relapse in late summer 1999 and was so bad that I was not even able to stand up. At that stage my wife considered calling an ambulance such was my pain and discomfort. However, instead we contacted Izzel by telephone who talked us through exactly what to do and I managed to survive the ordeal making a slow recovery after some 2 weeks of severe pain. This was a particular difficult time for me as my injury became so bad that I was in fear of losing my job.

The following year I returned to work and continued to see both Dr R and Izzel. Such was the severity of my injury, Dr R informed me that this time last year, he had not expected me to return to work. This comment made me realise just how good Izzel was and I would say his treatment and care was the component factor in returning me to work and my present health.

Although I still suffer sciatica and associated pain it has become manageable but when I am in particular difficulty Izzel has made an arrangement where I can contact him to receive appropriate treatment. I would please ask that you inform both of my sincere gratitute and thanks especially to Izzel Barbosa. Their support, help, treatment and personal input have been outstanding and I would ask that records reflect this accordingly.

Mr Norman L

After being re-referred down to Izzel, he spent forty minutes examining me and then explaining in layman's terms what was still wrong with me and how he was going to put it right. Six weeks later, I'm back fighting fit and raring to go. The man not only has a very sound knowledge of the subject he practises, he also possesses great interpersonal skills.

It was a joy to be treated by someone who gave you the confidence that he knew what was wrong with you and how he was going to correct it. Izzel also gave me a series of exercises and stretches to do between my appointments with him, thus giving you the feeling you were helping yourself get fit. Top man and long may he continue working in the Met.

Mr Richard B

In September 2003 I had a DIY accident after falling off a ladder at home and subsequently severely breaking and displacing my left heel, fracturing the right. After hospital treatment I was discharged in February 2004. At this time my right heel had completely repaired. However, the left was still swollen, painful and stiff. This caused me to have a limp. The hospital had informed me that I did not require physiotherapy treatment and the heel would always be swollen.

During the next few months with no improvement to the heel and ankle joint, I then approached OH who referred me to the Physiotherapist Izzel Barbosa at Imber Court. I attended five sessions with him, carrying out in the meantime the necessary exercise programme that he devised for me.

My treatment with him has just concluded and my left heel and ankle have now completely freed up and the overall movement has tremendously improved. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and gratitude to Izzel for all his assistance and professional advice given to me. Without his help I am sure I would still be hobbling around today.

Mr Jeff L

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help today - your session really has helped a lot. So thanks for your advice and treatment. I am amazed with the effect of your short time with me - and I am extremely grateful to you. The pain is nowhere as much as it was. I think you are a genius! Thanks again and see you next week.

Mr Paul S

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