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In June 2005 I snapped my Achilles tendon, which had to be repaired surgically. I was referred to Izzel in August for a preliminary assessment and started my rehabilitation with him in September when my cast was removed. I had initially planned to go to Flint House in October.

Izzel took control of my rehabilitation and did not allow me to go to Flint House until November. Between September and November Izzel concentrated on preparing me for the intensive treatment I would receive at Flint House. In November I spent two weeks at Flint House undergoing intensive treatment. I was able to make best use of the facilities and absorb a rigorous programme of rehabilitation. The staff said that I had been sent there at the best time and in such condition that my foot would benefit immensely.

I then saw Izzel for the final stage of my rehabilitation in order that my foot could cope with impact stress. I began running six months post surgery. My surgeon was impressed with my rehabilitation and said that because it had been effectively managed, I was three months ahead of where he expected me to be.

The point of my letter is to highlight Izzel's work. He is an unassuming man but took control of my rehabilitation in such a way that I have benefited enormously. I am now back on full duty, due in no small part to Izzel. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism, support and advice and felt that you should know what a valuable asset he is to the MPS.

Ms Pamela M

Just wanted to drop and email to say thank you for your amazing treatments. I feel a new surge of energy leading to a road of recovery to fix my body. I'll crack on with the exercises and let you know how I go.

Mr David P

Just an e- mail to show my appreciation for the marvellous treatment I received from you when I broke my wrist. At a recent visit to my Consultant he was very impressed with the range of flexibility of my wrist. I owe this to your professional care and patience. Although when speaking with the Consultant I did take a little of the credit!! We are so lucky in the Met to have such physio expertise in house. Thanks again and best wishes for the new year.

Ms Kay B

Just a quick note to confirm information that I am sure you are already aware of! As an Operational Officer with 28 years of service, I have managed to collect a more than average number of injuries on duty. One of those injuries was kindly given to me when I arrested a wife beater in April 1998, where I received what has become a protracted lower back injury. I won't bore any of you with details but as a result of this injury I have seen truck-fulls of Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. Some of whom seek nothing more than to make a few good joint cracking noises and take the money.

Since March of this year I have been seeing the Physiotherapist at Imber Court, Izzel Barbosa. I cannot say enough good things about this man. How about considerate, able, effective, professional, patient and A1 fantastic to name just a few attributes. People like this are hard to find. Please look after him. He might run away and go private!

Mr Adrian N

I have recently been under Izzel Barbosa's care for treatment following a complicated break in my right wrist that resulted in two operations last year involving bone grafts and pins having to be put in. When I started my physio treatment with Izzel I had roughly a quarter of movement in my hand that I should in my wrist but due to the excellent exercises that Izzel gave me to do at home and the thorough sessions I had with him it improved much quicker than I ever thought!

I found his knowledge, attitude, personal presentation, friendliness and overall sessions of the highest standard. All of the above meant that I didn't have that many sessions for my rehab but the few sessions I did have I found the same as above. He was polite, friendly and has great knowledge of what he is doing.

I have had problems with my hand for approx 5 years and this is the best it has felt, with the most amount of movement and strength since I broke it. I'm now back in the gym and having no issues what so ever! I would just like to pass on my thanks to Izzel and wanted his efforts and skills to be recognised.

Mr Martin K

In July 1999 I received a serious injury to my left knee whilst engaged in sporting activities. This resulted in immediate hospitalisation and surgery on a detached anterior cruciate ligament. Complications followed the operation. A thrombosis developed in the injured leg followed by a stiffening of the knee joint. I was unable to bend the leg any further than 30 degrees. Any attempt to do so ended in extreme pain and discomfort.

Having received initial physiotherapy at the convalescent home in Goring, I was then treated by physiotherapist Izzel Barbosa at Imber Court for several months during which time he managed to get the knee moving, reducing the swelling and controlling the pain. At all times he was extremely helpful and considerate. In 12 months of attending Imber Court I have gone from a career threatening injury to full fitness.

I cannot describe my gratitude enough in this letter and wish to draw this to your attention. Izzel is a very competent and professional individual who is a credit to his department and the Service and I wish him every success in the future.

Mr Jon P

Hi Izzel, hope you are welI... I wanted to thank you in person for all of your work over the past 2yrs but I missed you when I attended for my 1 stop shop. I made the AFO level 9.4 and all the other elements so I am ready to go back to Ops. I am running a range at the moment and will take some more time to build my strength up to its max. The level of care you have given me has been exceptional and I am so grateful that you stuck by me since our 1st appointment in 2010.

Without your knowledge and treatments I doubt I would be anywhere near the level of fitness I am at now. You taught me to understand the injury and how to nurture a recovery... you taught me to be patient and focussed and the results now speak volumes for that invaluable advice. I feel privileged to have received that level of care from you over such a long period of time. Thanks a million and I wish you every success with your business plan in the future.

Mr Jim S

Hi Izzel, thanks for this and thank you for all your help over the last few months.I really would not have been able to continue to work without your support – and I hope what you have taught me in how the human frame works will mean that I will not have to come back! (and you can quote that on your web site if it might help!)

Mr Matthew P

Izzel, many thanks for your advice and treatment. I managed to do the fitness test today and barely noticed any pain in the old knees.

Mr Dick R

Since being in your care I have made enormous progress to the point where I am moving and exercising with no conscious pain or inconvenience. The exercises you have given me have returned to me a very large degree of mobility and I am working on the final few per cent. Thanks very much for your sound advice and patience. I shall now focus a bit more on stress management.

Mr Hugh C

Hi Izzel, hope you're well. I leave the Met on Wednesday. I just wanted to thank you for all your treatments on my wrist. The acupuncture has worked wonders and I really do feel a vast improvement, thank you. It was nice to meet you and I wish you luck in all your ventures in the future.

Mr Dee C

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