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Hello Izzel, the exercises you gave me have been working like a dream until (sods law) I hurt the ankle again. I have had it X rayed and they tell me that a bone moved? I am waiting to see what they suggest next. Have an appointment on Friday, again in the North so will know what is happening then. Just really wanted to say thanks for all your help, and appraise you of the situation as things were greatly improving.

Ms Con H

Hi Izzel, I thought I'd email you to say thanks for all the work you did on my Achilles and my back – both are hugely improved thanks to your ministrations!

Ms Julie J

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your professional help and support. I promise that I will not let all your hard work and advice be forgotten and will be signing up to a proper Yoga class this week. Thanks again.

Ms Soraya G

Izzel, I am just letting you know the hamstring seems to be holding up well. I have been running at an easy pace and not suffered any recurrence of the strain. I would like to thank you for your excellent therapy advice and help with this injury.

Mr Alan M

Izzel, I received the attached memo from Mr Chris B. He is clearly delighted with the treatment he has received from you and your advice seems to have been a significant catalyst in persuading him to make positive changes to his lifestyle! Well done. Can I also add my thanks for the high quality of service you have provided. This reflects positively both on the whole physiotherapy department and the services provided by occupational health.


I received treatment from Izzel for a long-standing knee injury. I found him to be one of the most committed and professional members of the MPS that I have had the pleasure of meeting. He is clearly highly committed to his work within occupational health.

I managed to get an appointment with him within a week. He quickly and accurately identified the problem and then set out a plan for my recovery. I am pleased to say that through his expertise I am back to full fitness. This has all been achieved without me having to miss a day through sickness. Clearly money well spent by the MPS. Again, I would personally like to thank Izzel and highlight his excellent work.

Mr Chris B

I am writing to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the help and support given to me by Izzel Barbosa at Imber Court. I was involved in a serious road traffic accident in August 1999 and was referred to Imber Court in March 2000. Izzel was instrumental in my recovery, which although I have now been medically retired from the MPS, has enabled me to obtain another job and live as normal a life as possible. I am indebted to him for his professionalism and feel that without this rehab facility I would not be in the position I am today.

Mr Gregory P

I would like to commend to you the excellent work of Izzel Barbosa, the Physiotherapist at the Imber Court Sports Club.

In August 2000 I received whiplash injuries in a car accident. I had received some treatment in the way of painkillers from my GP in addition to three visits to an NHS Physiotherapist. Not having had any physiotherapy before I did not know then what I was or was not getting. I was left with pain and discomfort that would not go away.

Subsequently, I was advised by Mr B A&E Consultant at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital to seek help from your department and as a result started a course of treatments with Izzel. It very quickly became apparent that Izzel knew his business very well and I am glad to say that having finished the treatment I am very close to my pre accident level of mobility and comfort.

It is obvious to me that without the quality of his treatment I would not have made such a good recovery. It goes without saying that getting rid of the pain allows me to enjoy life and be efficient at work.

Mr Danny D

Just a note to thank you very much for setting me on the road to recovery. I hardly limp at all now and my foot feels much stronger. I am sure that I am only in this position because of you. You managed my rehabilitation so professionally and that showed when I went to Flint House. It was a pleasure meeting you. With respect and fond memories.


In 1998 I was involved in a road traffic accident and suffered whiplash injury as a result. I was referred to Imber Court and placed under the care of Izzel Barbosa. He not only treated my injury but also advised me how to protect my back from further injury. His advice has been truly invaluable. Although I am still in pain with that injury, it has been reduced with the treatment given and the advice has helped to reduce further escalation of the ailment.

For the last few months now I have been attending Imber Court for physiotherapy treatment to an elbow injury. This was caused by a hyper-extension of the joint during the arrest of a violent prisoner.

Izzel has been treating my injury and also advising on preventive measures. This treatment and advice have been instrumental to my recovery and return to full and active duties. My particular injury was specific to one particular ligament and meant that although I could not extend my arm and pick up a tea cup without dropping it, I could use certain gym equipment, like the rowing machine to keep my cardio vascular system in full working order.

If I not had the advice from Izzel that I would be able to carry out such activities, I would still be on recuperative duties trying to get my fitness back before returning to work. As it is, I have stayed physically fit and am able to go directly back into front line policing.

I am writing this letter by way of appreciation to Izzel Barbosa in the hope that it will be placed on his personal file to recognise his efforts in making life easier for those of us who need it most.

Mr Roger G

In October 1998 I was involved in a road traffic accident in which I suffered whiplash injuries. These injuries affected both my cervical and lumbar spine as well as displacing my pelvis. After a lengthy period of physiotherapy treatments at Wellington House I was assessed for rehabilitation classes at Imber Court. I can recall on one particularly painful occasion Mr C even arranging immediate physiotheraphy treatment for me with Izzel Barbosa.

Izzel Barbosa afforded me some immediate physio when I was in need of it but he also showed me some very useful spasm relieving exercises and most importantly a very simple method of ensuring I maintained a correct posture. I know from talking to other back sufferers that they have also benefited from his expertise.

I am grateful for having had the opportunity to attend these classes and would certainly recommend to others to take full advantage of them should they unfortunately find themselves afflicted with injury.

Mr Peter VD

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