" I was ready to go down the route of a three tier spinal fusion,
believing that this was the only option available to me. Thankfully I met Izzel. "
- Mr Paul B -

Reverse Healing Physiotherapy

Reverse Healing is a private physiotherapy practice based in West Molesey, Surrey and founded by Izzel Barbosa, a state registered physiotherapist with over 20 years' experience.

Izzel specialises in musculoskeletal and sports injury and offers a wide range of services which are listed below.

Injury Prevention and Maintenance



practical physio workshops

Correct Your Alignment and Release Tension While You Sleep

posture sleeping pillow

From Niggling Aches to Serious and Complex Injuries

Mixing cutting-edge technology, evidence-based modern techniques and ancient treatment methods to achieve the best possible results with patients.

Conditions Treated:

  • ✔ Abdominal pain
  • ✔ Achilles tendon injuries
  • ✔ Ankle injuries
  • ✔ Back pain
    (spine, poor posture, slipped disc,
    pre/post natal back pain)
  • ✔ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • ✔ Chronic fatigue
  • ✔ Fractures/bone healing
  • ✔ Head injuries
  • ✔ Headaches
  • ✔ Hip pain
  • ✔ Jaw injuries
  • ✔ Knee pain/injuries
  • ✔ Neck pain
  • ✔ Osteoarthritis
  • ✔ Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • ✔ Repetitive strain injuries
  • ✔ Running injuries
  • ✔ Sciatica
  • ✔ Shoulder pain
  • ✔ Sports injuries
  • ✔ Tennis elbow
  • ✔ Whiplash
  • ✔ Wrist pain... and more!

Techniques Used:

  • ✔ Acupuncture
  • ✔ Biomechanical analysis
    (including gait analysis)
  • ✔ Cupping
  • ✔ Corrective strengthening
  • ✔ Corrective stretching
  • ✔ Deep tissue massage
  • ✔ Electrotherapy
    (shortwave, currents, infrasound, ultrasound,
    TENS, laser, infrared, electroacupuncture)
  • ✔ Manual Theraphy
  • ✔ Myofascial release
  • ✔ Posture training
  • ✔ Taping
    (including kinesio taping)
  • ✔ Traction
  • ✔ Visceral fascial release... and more!

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Izzel Barbosa is without doubt the finest practising Physiotherapist that I have come across in terms of his professionalism, dedication and knowledge.

I would recommend him unreservedly to any individual with musculoskeletal problems.

My first experience of Izzel was when I was referred to him as a result of a chronic spinal condition that meant I lived a life of incessant chronic pain.

At the same time I was under the supervision of a Neurosurgeon who had tried, without success, a number of key interventions from facet joint injections, epidurals and referrals to Osteopaths and Chiropractors. This was aligned with being on very high doses of a number of drugs that included Morphine and Diazepam, again with little or no effect.

When I first met Izzel I was in total despair and was unable to cope with most normal daily activities that included walking, sitting and sleeping but once I was under Izzel's care it was evident that his holistic approach and total client focus was going to be very different and positive.

Now as I reflect back on the journey that I have travelled I always say that Izzel deconstructed me and put me back together again and educated me about my musculoskeletal structure in a way that I could never have imagined possible.

Through months leading to years of careful treatments from basic deep tissue massage through to highly specialised interventions that included traction and acupuncture, Izzel worked painstakingly to break down and reverse many years of accumulated spinal pressure and misalignment.

Gradually I began to increase my mobility, reduce pain levels and in turn reduce my dependence on the drugs to a point where I now take no drugs at all.

For an extended period now I have also reached the point where I would no longer describe myself as living with chronic pain. My condition is very well managed through the maintenance programme I now follow and the education that I received in how to maintain correct spinal posture at all times.

I have also been able to return to one of my enduring passions, fitness training, although my regime is now completely different and under Izzel's supervision is tailored to my own personal needs. Indeed I have changed furniture in my home to further enhance lumbar support and comfort, all based on the expert advice I have received.

I will be forever grateful to Izzel for his expertise and care but also his enduring encouragement to inspire me to overcome such adversity. In short this man gave me life back!

Mr Nigel F

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