" I have had three sessions with Izzel and I am now well on the road to recovery... he was absolutely great - charming, professional and immensely reassuring. "
- Mr Jon Y -

Izzel Barbosa, Founder of Reverse Healing Physiotherapy

izzel barbosa

I hold a Bsc (Hons) degree in physiotherapy and am an active member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) as well as the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP).

After gaining experience in various fields of physiotherapy in Belgium and the UK, I started working as a Metropolitan Police Physiotherapist in 1998.

I now work full time in my private practice.

Throughout my 19 years as a Met Physio, I was responsible for the whole of the southwest area, providing clinical expertise and liaising with Occupational Health Advisors, Chief Medical Officers and Rehabilitation Therapists.

I initiated and was extensively involved in successful injury prevention programmes (Watch your back) all over the MET.

I have also been involved in martial arts for 37 years, which I feel greatly enhances my practical understanding of musculoskeletal injuries. I have a unique approach to physiotherapy with a strong emphasis on Corrective Biomechanics.

My 'hands-on' delivery guarantees a level of care second to none and ensures that each patient is given a personalised and individual high quality session.

What Are Musculoskeletal Disorders?

For the body (musculoskeletal system) to be healthy (or in complete equilibrium) it needs to be correctly aligned with optimal muscle balance and joint mobility.

Musculoskeletal disorders usually result from a disruption of this equilibrium caused either by injuries or repetitive strain.

Reverse Healing: The Concept Behind The Name

The equilibrium can be restored. I use the HEALTHY BODY as a point of reference to assess your condition. Based on my findings, I implement a plan of action. This plan of action reverses the disorder and brings you back to health.

I don't just deal with the symptoms, I primarily focus on resolving the cause of the problem so it does not reoccur.

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I would like to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to Izzel for his efforts over the past eight months in treating my tennis elbow. Since December 2006, I had been experiencing the most horrible pain in my left elbow. I sought advice from many physiotherapists and so called Sports Injury Consultants. After some treatments they all advised me that they were unable to help heal my injury and that an operation was potentially the only way forward, although I was advised that even this option may not have been successful.

Ms T, very fortunately for me, referred me to Izzel. From my first meeting with him, in the summer of 2007, he has treated my injury in a meticulous and methodical manner, and has refused to be beaten by it or take the easy option of saying that there was nothing else he could do. He has not only treated the elbow but the entire area radiating from it, which has resulted in a 100 per cent improvement.

Izzel in my case clearly went above and beyond his role, and treated me with professionalism, determination and expertise. I have not doubt that were it not for his patience and dogged determination, I would still be suffering and now not fulfilling full operational duty.

Mr Mick W

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