" My surgeon was impressed with my rehabilitation... I was three months ahead of where he expected me to be. "
Ms Pamela M

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Izzel Barbosa's approach to physiotherapy is multifaceted.

Multifaceted Approach to Physiotherapy

By mixing cutting-edge technology, evidence-based modern techniques and ancient treatment methods, he aims to achieve the best possible results with his patients. He offers individual, personalised and hands-on sessions.

Each patient is unique and so is their treatment.


The first consultation usually lasts one hour. This is to allow plenty of time to:


The follow up session can last between thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the amount of work needed.

Patients are usually advised on the number of sessions required to reach our goal once a full assessment is performed and a plan of action is put in place.

Follow up sessions may not be necessary as some problems are resolved after the first consultation.


Some patients like to book regular visits to ensure they keep their health in good shape.

These sessions are tailored to the patient's needs and are ideal to:

Our three Health Programmes are designed for those patients who have specific goals in mind.

These programmes offer a holistic and integrated approach for the whole body or a specific part, combining Prevention and Maintenance for the best results.

Energy Programme
Energy Programme
Musculoskeletal Programme
MSK Programme
Sports Programme
Sports Programme

energy This programme is for people who suffer from low energy levels, chronic fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances.

Be prepared to make lifestyle adjustments to get the best out of this programme.


musculoskeletal This programme targets your musculoskeletal structure (bones, muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels).


energy This programme is for athletes and anyone doing a specific sport of range of sports. It aims to help prevent injuries and optimise performance.

Izzel Barbosa created the 3D Pillow to provide optimal support and reduce strain and stiffness while you sleep.

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